Nottingham Forest Garbage & Recycling Info

Texas Pride provides waste management and recycling services to NFH8. 

Collection days are Tuesday and Friday for waste and Tuesdays for waste and recycling. Customer Service Issues:

             Justin Hoes | NF8 Board Committee Chair for Waste Management

Backdoor service is provided for all collections including grass clippings. Pruning and heavy yard waste should be placed at the curb. All pruning’s must be organized in bundles and tied to facilitate pick-up. Heavy trash will be picked up on either collection day and must be placed at the curb. All materials for collection must be ready for pick up by 7:00 a.m. of the morning of collection. Trash cans and recycling bins must be put away after pick-up and stored out of view from the street.

Texas Pride has requested that to ensure the collection of recycling that the recycling container must be visible from the street on the day of pick-up, but will be picked up backdoor. Texas Pride will accept glass for recycling. 

Acceptable Recycling Items

Please place the following items dry, clean, and loose in your recycling container.  DO NOT BAG your recyclables.

Paper Products

· Newspaper

· Magazines

· Catalogs

· Junk Mail

· Envelopes

· Greeting Cards

· Wrapping Paper

· File Folders

· Computer Paper

· Construction Paper

· Grocery Bags

· Soda & Beer Boxes

· Shoe Boxes

· Clean Pizza Boxes

· Cardboard Boxes

· Waxboard Containers (Juice Boxes)

· Egg Cartons

· Paper Towel Rolls

· Phone Books

Plastics (Please rinse)

· Plastics #1-#7

· Milk & Juice Bottles

· Soda & Water Bottles

· Shampoo & Soap Bottles

· Bleach & Detergent Containers

· Household Cleaner Containers

· Plastic Flower Pots

· Yogurt cups

· Cups, Plates, & Dinnerware

· Prescription Pill Containers

Metals (Please rinse)

· Soda, Juice, & Beer Cans

· Canned Food Cans

· Pet Food Cans

· Aluminum Foil

· Pie Trays

· Metal Jar Lids

· Gutters (less than 5' long)

· Empty Aerosol Cans

Glass (Please rinse)

· Beer Bottles

· Wine Bottles

· Soda Bottles

· Jars

Unacceptable Recycling Items

The following items are currently NOT accepted in our recycling program and should be thrown away with your regular household garbage.

· Styrofoam

· Windows

· Ceramics

· Thin Plastics (bags, etc.)

· Soiled Pizza Boxes

· Mirrors

· Wet & Soiled Paper

· Pots & Pans

· Coat Hangers

· Light Bulbs

· Facial & Toilet Tissue

· Paint & Solvent Containers

· Paper Towels

· Microwave Dinner Trays