Westchester Subdivision Neighborhood Pool & Tennis Club

Location: 14703 Chadbourne, Houston, Texas, 77079
9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Dawn Dudley (281) 870-8576

The neighborhood facilities located at Pinesap and Chadbourne include two, lighted tennis courts; a large, newly renovated swimming pool with diving area; bathroom/showers/dressing rooms, and a covered pavilion available for use by residents who pay their annual usage fees. 

The pool also features a 7’ high slide with a 450-degree rotation that is sturdy enough for adults, exciting for teens, and safe enough for adolescents.

Swimming Lessons:
Swimming lessons (based on demand) are offered for all ages, and there is a competitive swim team for young people up to age 18. The swim team is a great way for parents to socialize with their neighbors and for children to meet friends who are the same age and live in the neighborhood.

Tennis Information:
Tennis is played all year long on lighted courts until 10:00 PM. The tennis teams are members of the Memorial Tennis League and HLTS. Summer leagues and lessons for children are offered through a professional tennis consultant for residents who pay their annual user fees.